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October 29, 2014 9:30 am

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Oct 5: It’s about Stewardship…Don’t Run Away!

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The theme for October worship is Stewardship. This is going to be an interesting month, I promise! Today is going to be an overview of stewardship, and then in the next 3 weeks we will be looking at aspects of stewardship in detail. And we are going to do that by hearing from members of Bethany; for the sermons, I will be interviewing members of Bethany to tell us about their faith, what it means to them, and how being involved at Bethany has impacted their lives. No, I am not going to walk up and down the aisle with a microphone to ask you questions; this is all pre-arranged. We will use a table up here with a mic and have a chat that you can listen in on. It will be wonderful !

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Sep 28: Interfaith Authority

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How many of you have pulled those out of the hat when disciplining your children? Or- how many remember those words coming from your own parent?

Whether said in desperation to establish when dealing with an unruly kid, or in the beginning of a lecture to a mischievous child- these phrases are an attempt to establish authority. The misbehaving child is being reminded that children do not have the final say in the matter, it is the parent who establishes discipline and order.

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Sep 21: Not Fair


After “mama” and “dada”, I think the first words children speak are “that’s not fair!”. Kids are able to detect tiny differences in servings of supposedly equal bowls of ice cream, they have a fair-o-meter on guard at all times to make sure they don’t get a bad deal.

Of course it’s not only kids who act this way, they learned well from the grownups. We can point out injustice all day long, while sitting in places of privilege. But we are much more interested in cases of injustice that involve us- if other people are being denied due process or fair compensation, that’s kinda their problem to work out. Don’t want to get involved, you know.

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