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Aug 17: The Faith of the Outsider


Lord, have mercy!


Send her away!

Mercy- the granting of favor- comes in many forms in this world. Who do we usually extend mercy to? The most common way is to grant favor to those most like us.

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Aug 10: Elijah in the Cave


Todayʼs reading will require what is known in the entertainment business as the “backstory”. If this were a TV show, we would hear the narrator tell us, “Last week on 1 Kings…”, and we would get some short clips to get us up to date on the story so far. Without the visual clips, allow me to do the same.
Ancient Israel was at the height of its glory under King David. But after Davidʼs death, a series of internal family power struggles split the original kingdom into two: Judah of the south, and Israel of the north.

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Aug 2: Bread & Change


I have spent the last 4 days in an event about creating churches dedicated to Mission. Depending on what day you asked me, and which session I was just coming out of, the event was excellent or OK or redundant or absolutely vital to what we are doing here at Bethany. In other words, like most training- some less than gems and some beautiful diamonds.

One thing the training reinforced was that the activities, changes, and experiments we are trying here at Bethany are totally on track. No, not necessarily any particular activity is spot-on, but that a spirit of risk in the name of the Gospel is the way to live a Christian life and certainly must be reflected in any church. Getting to know our neighborhood, opening the doors of this church to the world outside– and then stepping out there and actively engaging with those around us, is the only way for a church to thrive. The old days of opening the doors and expecting people to walk into the church with no effort on our part is long gone, and probably for the better- for that attitude implies a club, not a church.

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